Saturday, April 04, 2009

You say dinner

"You going already?" I am putting my clothes on and saying goodbye to the man of my dreams. He's incredibly posh, arrogantly handsome, and lives in Mayfair.

"Yup, I'm having supper with friends."
"Supper?" He curls his lip, "Supper or Dinner?"
"I never know what to call it. It's not supper is it?"
He shakes his head. "No, it's never supper. What do you do for a living?"
"At the moment, I'm a writer."
"Succesful? Probably not if you call dinner supper. But there we are. I must be off too. I'm having dinner at Claridges."
"That's nice?"
"Not really. I live there. My family are also writers. Just successful ones, rather than aspiring. Goodbye."

Needless to say, I am in love.


Purest Green said...

Oh my. You really do know how to pick them, don't you.

Lip curling w-a-n-k-e-r.

Hugh said...

if things between you and him dont work out, I will be sure to make sure he is well looked after.

Hugh said...

the comment above wasn't made by me, but has my name and according to the boxes below was made from my account :(

Skip said...

Oh Poor Hugh, you've been hacked - but not by someone offering Viagra...?

Erskine-Davidson said...

OOOhhh, it's just like PnP (Pride and Predjudice, you phillistines!)

He's Mr Darcy, who falls in love with you despite himself, and thinks your family is common, etc. And you're Lizzy Bennet, who ends up loving him, but keeps pricking his pomposity....

Please keep me posted on the romance....

Erskine-Davidson said...

Why is there no spell check on this dratted thing! Apols for appalling spelling.

Fabio said...

He sounds perfect in every way.

Skip said...

I am supposed to be developing taste in men.

But let's face it, my last handful have been, erm...
1) Mr Clardidges Dinner
2) An Accountant
3) Nameless Sexy Businessman
4) Scottish Stephen who looked like a homeless Abercrombie model.

Ermph. Sums it all up, really.

Lippy said...

Honestly....repeat slowly after me "MEN IN SUITS ARE A BAD THING" always and utterly without fail. Rigger boots and overalls are the way to go, that and making your own money.

Still - he may be the motivation you need to win the Orange Prize so perhaps I don't totally hate him.

Are you free for lunch on 24th?

Fabio said...

All that says more about luck than taste.

I hope.

(In vain?)

Skip said...

Lawks, Lippy, I was just thinking about lunch with you the other day.

24th is currently clear. There's a tiny chance of Wales. But let's f'book nearer the time.

(PS: Damn new Facebook - haven't seen any updates from you in ages. Going to have to have a quick manual hunt)

Lippy said...

I am very flattered by your thought- I am facebooking and twittering - anyting to avoid actual work!

Perry Neeham said...

I have quite catholic tastes (though I steer clear of wobbly bellies and bottoms which lets out most Englishmen) but I really do draw the line at shits.

Supper may indeed be the more appropriate word ... as long as it's not dinner of course.

Orchis said...

Ordinary supper chomping young man is taken in hand by sophisticated upper class aesthete and taught to say 'dinner' and not to eat his peas off his knife - it's 'Pygmalion'/'My Fair Lady' ! Or the next ITV reality TV show.

Skip said...

Posh friend Ashley explained to me, patiently, that supper is something to do with soup. Presumably soup eaten with a fish knife.