Saturday, April 18, 2009


Got distracted from shelves by Rick who took me for a beer (Raspberry - curiously like a smoothie) and second hand bookshopping in Skoob.

It was a lovely afternoon in the Caprica Brunswick Centre, you couldn't move for organic farmer's market, and Rick genuinely appeared to be the only straight man apart from a harrassed dad in Waitrose.

Fatally, I found the graphic novels section of Skoob. I asked the hot assistant if there were any Tintin books (thinking about it: not a great opening with fit staff). He pointed to a shelf behind the counter. And Tintin there was.

"Careful," he said, "They're mine."

I also found more of the Sandman spin-off Lucifer ("oh yeah, they're mine too. Brilliant choice.") and an Authority graphic novel ("Also mine."). Is it dangerous to try and pick up a man by picking out books?


Lippy said...

Much has clearly changed in the Euston area, when you can write with a straight face the sentence, " a lovely afternoon in the Caprica Brunsick Centre". I may have to go and investigate!

Skip said...

I've noticed people have started describing the area as "St Pancras".

There's even a sodding organic farmers market in my street. Every Friday. Honestly. People toss chorizo under my nose.