Friday, April 17, 2009

I can has slash!

Reader Erskine-Davidson has found the following jaw-dropping link. It is to slash fiction inspired by my Torchwood novel:

Making the most of it

This is genuinely the most exciting weblink I have been sent all year. Oh yeah, the odd LOLcat has got close, but they rarely contain sensitive, folds, moist, and cock

Oh, Erskine-Davidson, thank you.


Erskine-Davidson said...

You are most welcome, I too enjoyed your book (when's the next? - I like your style!)- a right good laugh, with a nice bit of social commentary and poignancy.

I'm also a fan of slash fiction too, hence my discovery (now all my sordid secrets are coming out)

You do know you can add a review?

Erskine-Davidson said...

You're going to love this - found another one...

I'm not a stalker - I just love Torchwood.