Monday, September 15, 2003

Men Summary Update

Features new entries in some top slots. As ever, chance of duvet rippling marked out of 10.

SUNDAY: Matthew. Doctor of Art History with big arms. We had dinner. 5/10

MONDAY: Mark. Drinks. 0/10

TUESDAY: Brad. We're seeing a film about old ladies taking their clothes off. Should be good for a popcorn fumble. 6/10

WEDNESDAY: Phil. My fortysomething raving wrinkly's just won a year's supply of Lancome Moisturiser. Hooray! 8/10

THURSDAY: Dieter. German fashion designer. Drinks. 4/10

FRIDAY: Simon. Favourite ex. Never go back. If he has a beard: 0/10, If clean-shaven: 3/10

SATURDAY: Byron. Australian surf dude. Repeat visit. 10/10

SUNDAY: Gary Russell's Birthday. Doesn't count. 0/10


Luis and Luce: too hard to schedule.

Adam: rang me up breathing heavily at two o clock last wednesday, gasped out my name, muttered "you're great" and then rang off. Can't work out if this is a good sign or not.

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