Saturday, September 27, 2003


Gemma and Serge got married today. Wonderfully.

They had such a lovely wedding in the back of Brighton Pavillion (unbelievably startling venue - a Victorian gothic Bond Villain HQ).

TRUE LOVE MOMENT: Gemma stumbled over her vows and announced that she would "honour or obey." She paused, and giggled. Serge grinned and stared at her.


The party was just startling, although the DJ was Not To Our Liking. He was firmly on the soul train, spinning James Brown and Barry White at a largely indifferent crowd. Wonderful Harriet led a delegation to see him. Steps? No. Kylie? No. Girls Aloud? Not a chance.

When he played Abba, we all felt duty bound to dance - with a sickly grimace on our faces.

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