Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Men summary

In alphabetical order, with the chances of it actually getting anywhere in the next fortnight at the end. Out of 10. In brackets.

ADAM: Furiously texting me with some terribly novel suggestions. (5/10)

BEN: Actually, just a friend. But a really lovely one. (0/10)

BRADLEY: Back from holiday. Tanned. (7/10)

BYRON: Moving flat. (6/10)

DAMIEN: Wants to do something in his lunch hour next week. (8/10)

JIM: Wants to show me Hoist. Am hoping this is a club rather than a sexual position. (4/10)

LUIS & LUCE: Scheduling nightmare. Also, can't face getting banned from any more clubs. (2/10)

MARK: We're going out drinking. He'll get all touchy feely, then mention his boyfriend (0/10)

PHIL: Spending some time with his kids. (5/10)

THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER: We haven't met yet. But give me time. (5/10)

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