Monday, January 19, 2004

Centrifugal Force

(Actually, this took place on Jan 19, 2005 - I've moved it here in case Adam finds it. I don't want this to ruin stuff. But it'll move back eventually)

Good things about last night with Adam

  • I learnt how to pole dance. Really easy, very good fun, and great for the biceps.
  • Adam is magnificent in a crisis. His roommate's grandmother died (yes, Adam's taken in a waif off the street - bet you wondered where those GAY flyer boys lived). Adam was fantastic. We took poor Tom to my club.
  • My club was on great form. "Christian Slater drinks here," Adam told Tom. "Oh. Over there, in fact." Tom was immediately smitten: "He was prettier in films, wasn't he? Is he still rich?"
  • TooTooMuch - It's kind of nice for a gay bar. Even if you get the feeling it would rather be something else.

So-So things about last night

  • Much as I rather enjoy being a sugar daddy, I still don't earn enough for the role. Last night cost about £200 (damn you, table service!). I'm too mean and venal not to notice that.

Bad things about last night

  • Adam attacked me in the club. He crushed my hand and bent my arm back, and didn't stop when I screamed, nor when I sobbed with pain, but when other people noticed. Curious.

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