Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Departmental away day

Forgot to mention that last week we had a departmental away day. One exercise was to break up into groups and explain to each other about key groups of our audience.

My team had Paulo. He's 13, and really should use the BBC. We decided that he's into ogling girls, gaming and rebellion. So we devised "BapDaq" - an interactive TV application that allows him to score the attractiveness of ladies on TV by pushing the red button. Weirdly, we got shot down in flames.

Meanwhile, another team had done research into attracting the BBC's gay audience. We were informed that They Gay:
- are at their peak between 15 and 20.
- are really looking for reassurance.
- only use Gaydar in desperation.
- and that the BBC should really devise a community space for them to get together online and discuss issues of relevance, sexual health matters and influence political decisions.

For some reason he left out that we all live at home with our mothers, are genetic failures, and will die alone.

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