Thursday, January 29, 2004

Hutton Horror

It's just horrid. even before Greg went, and we spent an afternoon standing outside in the cold protesting... we were all cross.

The government has got away with lying. The BBC has been punished for finding them out. And the man who blew the whistle has ended up dead.

Admittedly, I look at Andrew Gilligan and shudder slightly (doesn't he look like a gameshow contestant who wears a cardigan and knows a little too much?), but I'm happy to admit that he was at least reporting the broad truth of what his source was saying...

Whereas, if i remember rightly, the government were caught plagiarising a twelve-year old theses, merely stapling on a rubbishly ambitious introduction in crayon which said "Scary Towel Head Knows Where You Live And Smells."

Strangely, no-one involved in writing this vitally important document On The Basis Of Which We Went To War (TM) can remember who wrote the bit about "Smelly Beard Has Weapons Which Can Destroy The Earth's Core In 45 Minutes".

Even the Nimon would be suspicious about that.

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