Saturday, November 06, 2004

Captain Zep

Oh, goodness, this is marvellous.

If only they'd made K9&Co like this with cardboard cutout aliens, super-stylised CSO, and a gang of children clamouring for space badges and adenoid removal.

How can you not love a show that has:
1./ aliens with furrrrench aczents ("zer is nuzink zo demonstrative as a demonstration, non?"),

2./ a black man called "Brown" who's constantly being asked if his name is "White" (ho.ho.ho),

3./ the ability to re-cast Captain Zep between seasons, turning him from a serious detective to a tea-addled fool,

4./ sexy female professors with ice-cream cone haircuts,

5./ superb model shots. Both of them. And I could watch them over and over again. Which is a good thing, as they show them at least four times an episode.

6./ a planet of vegetable people who rather disturbingly say things like: "Come, my old friend, let us have some carrot wine together..."

7./ lines like: "I discovered the queen had a twin brother who was exiled ten years ago for his opposition to fish freedom..."

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