Sunday, January 02, 2005

Alcazar Update

It's been too long since an update from the Acazarworld website ("enter the castle of disco"). But hurrah! News. In English. Almost.

Recent updates include:

It rains gold over Alcazar!!
A hysteric year has almost come to an end. But... It has finally paid off! Several records has now moved up to gold status in Sweden

Xmas message from Alcazar!
Today we have recieved a message from Alcazar that they wanted us to pass on to you guys out there - and here it comes!

We hope you have a wonderful evening with your families and/or friends among you!

Tess is on her Paradise island Gotland with her son and boyfriend. Annika is with her family and her husband in Sweden and in Denmark. Magnus is at his parents place with his dogs. Andreas is the only one staying in the Stockholm parts of Sweden to be close to his relatives and brother.

We have had a really wonderful year... So therefore we have decided to take some time off... Well, not much though, but still some time to "land" on our feet again, to spend some time with family, boyfriends, dogs, children aso aso. We won´t be "at work" for almost the whole January.

But a month goes by quickly! Soon it is February!!!

Love with all our hearts,

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