Friday, January 14, 2005

Gay Bar Fight

It's a cliche that gay men don't brawl. They bitch. They may occasionally shove. But no - no fighting.

So, anyway, Adam (aka Not-Boyfriend) got into a fight with a Swedish dancer. Over who danced better.

Seriously. Adam cuts a mean rug, and proved it last night by performing a spectacular drunken number in the Leinster which included being lifted across the bar, ballet style, by a visiting South African boxer.

There was laughter and applause. And then this cute young Swede idled over. Adam raised an eyebrow, graciously ready to accept flattery and a blow job. Instead of which the Swede said "I've studied at the academy of performing arts, and you should just sit down."

The fur flew.

SWEDE: I'm sure you were pretty once.
ADAM: Your hair's receding faster than Will Young's.

SWEDE: You should moisturise better.
ADAM: You've got more attitude than the Cheeky Girls and less talent.

SWEDE: People with your skin shouldn't smoke.
ADAM: That tattoo looks better on other people.

SWEDE: Some people shouldn't dye their hair blonde.
ADAM: Those clothes are ugly.

Roughly at this point the Swede made a lunge for Adam, and missed, while Adam tapped fag ash on the Swede's hair... and then it was like something from Crouching Tiger, Screaming Poof.

I dragged Adam one way, while an internet tycoon held the Swede back.

Adam struggled through the door, screaming, "I'm waiting for you outside and you'll get more than a slap."

The Swede was yelling back, "I'm a VIP here! You can't treat me like this."

I dragged Adam as far as a laundrette, his arms Scrappy-Dooing away while he shouted "I'm waiting for you! One punch is all it'll take, you bald Swedish Mary!"

As I stuffed him into a cab, he turned back to the pub and roared, "You'll never guest list in this town again, bitch."

I like the gay scene. I could watch it for hours.

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