Thursday, January 20, 2005

Richard Martin: A tribute

Some people may consider him the worst ever director of Doctor Who. But I say the man was ahead of his time. He correctly predicted:

1) Widescreen TVs that crop the picture: Hence his inability to get the heads and feet of his cast in the same shot. Deliberate!

2) The Dogme Movement (aka Snappy Snaps): Out of focus, backs to the camera, heads left out! Every frame has the candid informality of a family outing. Bravura! Even Carole Ann Ford's double-exposed home movie of the set looks more professional. And that's wrong!

3) VidFire: Ignore half of what's going on? Separate the odd from the even, and leave just the odd? Combine all the information into a fuzzy mess? Flanges? Genius!

He dared to tamper with the forces of creation. Yes. He dared.

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