Thursday, January 27, 2005

Two worlds collide

Oddly lovely, uh, date with Adam last night. Pretending to be Raddled Old Gays, we went to the theatre, and then to m'club.

Where we discovered that the Owners Of A Gay Gentleman's Dancing Club had hired the top floor for their company party.

It made going to the loos a strange experience. Instead of the normally tranquil aura of calm and nice towels, the toilets were crammed with Men Of Big Arms And Dismissive Natures queuing to do coke in the loos.

We were being classy, however. We were sat opposite Rich Straight Businessmen who were being braggy. So we ordered port and cigars.

Every now and then pretty things from the party would float past, distracting us. Unfortunately, they would insist on ruining everything by opening their mouths.

PRETTY THING 1: "So, anyway, I met Sir IanMcKellern the other day."
PRETTY THING 2: "Who is he?"
PRETTY THING 1: "I dunno. Old and rich, though."

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