Saturday, June 04, 2005

Conspiracy Theory

So. You have to build a website about hidden messages and conspiracy theories about something called "BadWolf".

You're in a hurry, you're not sure what to do, and you don't actually know what BadWolf is. But the brief is to speculate without making too much of it...

Well, step forward Google, the BBC Grams Library, and my friend Lee to do sudden design. Here's the result: "BadWolf".

Launch in a hurry, leave for a day, and then check the internet forums...

Hilariously, there's much speculation about the opening music. What is it? What are the hidden background sounds? Is that Billie Piper singing? Is that noise a wolf - a dalek, or the TARDIS? Ah. No. It's Barbra Streisand meeting Cool Edit's "Flying Saucer" filter.

Then there's similar agony over a hidden message on this musical track: "Big Bad Wolf - French Chansons". Why have the words to William Blake's poetry been changed? What is the sinister rattling noise?

I can reveal the answer, exclusively - but ssssh!: I couldn't remember the words properly when I stood in our stationery cupboard as a tube train went past.

But that hasn't stopped there being pages and pages of speculation. And someone's even cleaned me up for closer examination on the internet. Something that should have happened years ago.

Lawks, I'm chuffed.

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