Saturday, June 04, 2005

Gary Warning

Bumped into Gary at the Black Cap last Saturday. Last time I met him, he was called Damien, and we never quite met up for drinks.

New facts I learned about him this time:
1) Managing an Angus Steak House isn't all fun.
2) His favourite drink is JD, Ginger Ale and two slices of lime.
3) He has a son called Isaac from a one-night stand 10 years ago.

He was as fun and reserved as ever. We drank, we danced... then, all of a sudden, he was all over me. And all over me in a most surprising way for a man so seemingly shy.

There's something blissful about dancing slowly to fast music with a very attractive man while the Men With Big Arms glance venomously across, their eyes saying "What are *you* doing with *him*?". It's blisss.

Then, he leaned back and looked fondly down at me. "Let me get you another drink," he said.

"But, it's my round," I protested.

"No," he said, "I insist." He tapped me fondly on the nose, and went off to get drinks.

He never came back.

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