Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter (no spoilers beyond page 2)

The Prime Minster has just endured a week of terrorist attacks. He's visited by the head of the community who carried out these attacks, who blames a subsection of that community, headed by a mysterious fanatic who is against everything that responsible members of that community stand for.

Yup. Even Harry Potter is politically relevant.

Saturday was bliss, spent up on Hampstead Heath, catching the sun, reading all about Hogwarts, and occasionally meeting lovely young wizards who showed me their wands.


Lee said...

You have no shame.

James said...

Shame is overrated.

James, is the men's bathing pond on hamstead heath open again? Last year I trekked all the way over there in blazing heat, really looking forward to a good swim - only to find taht the buggers had closed it!

Skip said...

Now Lee, dear, who was it who first told me about the Heath? I'm sure whatever I've got up to (and, I'll admit, sometimes there has been quite a number of Brazilians), it's absolutely nothing to you when you were young, free, and very, very available.

PS: What is the collective noun for a group of Brazilian men? A heave?

James said...

A Carnival?