Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tears of a Drag Queen

Saturday at a gay bar:

"Oi, you!" yells the drag queen to a short heckler, "Shut Up! What do they call you - Shorty?"

"No, Stumpy, actually," said the heckler.

"I can guess why!" roared the drag queen.

"No, you can't," said the man, taking his arm out of his pocket. He was missing a hand.

=== later in the same set ===

"And you, gorgeous!" she booms to a young man in the crowd, "What a great smile you've got - I bet you've got beautiful teeth."

He smiles widely - revealing that he, in fact, has no teeth.

=== Later still... ===

"Oi! You! Pay attention to me!" she yelled to someone sat down. "What's the matter - are you deaf?"

He turned slightly, so that she could see his hearing aid.


James said...

And was she suitably abashed? I'm prepared to wager that she probably wasn't...

Skip said...

She gave up and sang show tunes.

James said...

Oh dear! Frankly, were I to encounter a drag queen, I think I'd rather that she made faux pas about my disabilities than sang show tunes at me...