Thursday, July 07, 2005

Inspector Fenner

"Will Inspector Fenner please report to the office" they said over the intercom at Euston.

"Oh," said my flatmate who knows all things. "That's a call sign, you know."

The sirens went off, and they swept us out of the station.

And then there was a very gentle boom.

We all screamed a little, like people on a slow rollercoaster, and then relaxed and smiled. Some of us giggled with relief. Whatever that was, it wasn't us.

Only when biking in, listening to Radio 5's brilliant coverage, did I realise I'd heard the bus bomb go off in Tavistock Square.

Tavistock Square is actually dedicated to peace. It's got a lovely garden with statues of peacemakers and pacifists.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're okay. Any word on any other mutual acquaintances? (I know Lee's fine, I've received a suitably sardonic e-mail)

Anonymous said...

Inspector Sands' senior, by the sounds of things.

Skip said...

Good grief. Fascinating. I'm sticking to "Femmer". Or something like it. Doctor Who fans can insist that it was actually "Inspector Fenric" if they wish.