Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I know it was going to be hard to make a sympathetic biopic about a self-loathing man, but did anyone else think the Kenneth Williams piece just went too far, as though someone read the diaries and went "I hate the little bastard"?

Cue endless scenes of Kenneth Williams wanking, often with the worst fake grey hair I've seen since school plays.

Every attempt was made to make Williams' life seem miserable and horrid, not helped by the tuppence budget excluding Williams' frequent orgiastic trips to Morocco.

It also showed no pride in any of Willaims' achievements - from Round the Horne through to Willo the Wisp, all of them dismissed with canned laughter, blue filters, and snide glances from other cast members.

There is a brilliant film to be made out of the life of a self-hating eccentric who can't come to terms with his achievement. But this wasn't it. It wasn't worthy of either the man, or his diaries.

Yeah, Kenneth Williams was a bit unpleasant. But Hitler was worse. And no-one's made a biopic about his furious wanking.

It seemed especially cruel when followed by the man himself reading The Dribbling Teapots and appearing odd, yes, but also charming, talented and witty...

PS: Best thing about it? The man playing Joe Orton. *bang!*


Brad Fitt said...

Yes, couldn't agree more. It needed a bit more money throwing at it, who did the casting? A blonde wig does not a joanie simms make. Although Charles hawtry was quite lifelike. Top marks are due for Joe Orton (Kenny Doughty) I have a picture of him for you but can't post it.

Skip said...

Ah - thanks for the name. Thanks to the wonders of Google Image search, here he is topless!


frobisher said...

I read the Diaries and I thought the TV production was overly gloomy and somewhat misleading. Very Poor. And the actor that played Kenneth, although talented, got on my nerves very quickly and didn't seem to convey the charm and humour of the man. The show was a wasted opportunity.