Saturday, March 25, 2006

Student Nurse (bedside manner)

Caught up with the student nurse. He’s gone back to his boyfriend, and it’s a dreadfully complicated story (as everything is when you’re 18).

His best friend, Martin, was going out with a millionaire, who we’ll call Dean. Dean made the mistake of buying Martin a car. At which point, Martin thought “I’m not going to get any more than this,” and dumped Dean.

Distraught Dean (hmmn, perhaps I shouldn’t have called him Dean) pleaded for Martin to change his mind. Martin refused. At which point, Dean turned. “You can keep the car. And your best friend’s a better shag.”

For it turns out that the Nurse has also felt the benevolent hand of millionaire Dean.

Martin takes this news badly, and tells the Nurse’s boyfriend that he’s been unfaithful.

The Nurse is distraught, and flees to Reading.

Now, bear with me. This isn’t completely irrational, as the Nurse's boyfriend was in Reading at the time.

Anyway, the drink with the Nurse was simply for him to tell me sadly that he wouldn’t be sleeping with me ever again. He’d started a new path, made vows, and was going to stick to it.

In less than an hour, he was in an alley behind M&S gasping “oh, this is so wrong but it feels so right.”

Daytime TV has had a terrible effect on the language of youth.


hugh said...

hmm, never mind daytime tv, you don't seem to be doing badly at having your own effect on the youth of today.

btw, who's boyf is in Reading.... its getting very hard to keep up with events

Skip said...

s'my fault - slightly ambiguous phrase. I find the Nurse hard to keep up with :(