Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holiday Reading

A pile of adorable Perry Mason books (this year's discovery, thanks to Rick). The Case Of The Caretaker's Cat was the best yet. I'd never have suspected to check the caretaker's hollow crutch for the legendary Koltsdorf diamonds for a second. Blimey.

Wonderfully, I also found The Tangled Skein, a Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula pastiche. It all rattles along rather merrily until Sherlock Holmes meets the Count, at which point the dialogue genuinely reaches this level:

"Damn you, Sherlock Holmes!" seethed the Count.

I picked this up on a shopping trip to a place called Trago Mills. As my parents explained, "You'll adore it - it's run by the backer of the UK Independence Party."

Imagine a shopping centre, merged with a theme park, with the theme being Anti-Euro-Legislation, and "BE WARNED: Some of these goods are imported".

Had a merry afternoon, wandering amongst the twinkling fairy tale towers, stuffed with fleeces, agricultural equipment and DVDs of darts championships. Every now and then, you'd pass a sign saying "We've caught 20 shoplifters this month. And we'll catch you!"

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