Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Runaway Bride

I had a really good friend. Unfortunately, I can't stand his wife. Maybe it's because she didn't want me at the wedding due to my gayness.

Or, maybe it's because she's a bit odd.

She sends round an email:

"Hey everyone! I'm throwing a joint birthday/New Year's Party for my husband. I know it's short notice, and I know he's really difficult to buy for, so why not just send me some money towards a present? Even if you've got other plans, you can still send some money!"


Anon Dirty said...

She's bonkers.

Brian said...

Sounds like someone overspent her Christmas account-maybe you should send her a Drag-o-gram for Christmas. I doubt there is a real service but I know more than a few drag queens that would relish the chance to embarass someone in the office for a few drinks. Happy New Years from NYC (and keep blogging :) )

James said...

Okay, even I can tell that that's insensitive!

Presumably, she didn't want you at the wedding because she feared you'd contaminate all the other guests with Gay, and it'd just descend into some homoerotic orgy.

Which indicates that not only does she not understand gay men, she doesn't understand good entertainment, either.

Skip said...

I love the idea of Drag-o-Grams.

If they'd been around a few years ago, would anyone have bothered inventing the internet?