Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Kingdom II

"ach! All that anal sex. In my youth, we always said the proper way in was the one with the doormat." Mrs Druse

It took a month to finish the Kingdom sequel. After all, how often am I going to be in the mood for quirky Danish hospital horror?

But it's still quite wonderful – with ghostly messages hidden in the hospital porter's ancient porn stash, the nymphomaniac lesbian sex clinic possessed by demonic powers, a zombie staffmember, Dr Moesgard terrorised by his therapy group, and Death suddenly popping in as a character “because there's work for me”.

The DVD also features the single most charming DVD special feature of all time, in which Lars Von Trier stars in a complicated dance video based on the show's theme. I can't really see Stephen Poliakoff doing the same.


Nicholas said...

I've not seen part 2 yet, mainly becuase it isn't available in NTSC format, but I loved Part 1. Stig is my hero! "Danish scum!"

Skip said...

Stig starts talking to the toilet. He is just the most amazing anti hero. He even gets a chase sequence! And an electric car!