Friday, June 22, 2007

Two things I'll never do again

1) Provide room service to lonely businessmen in nearby hotels.
No matter how sexy they are, when you walk into the room and they say "No talking"... well, there's a word for that. And it's not nice to realise that I'm just taking work away from local tradesmen.

2) Agree when an ex says "Hey! For a laugh - why don't we watch the porn film I'm in?"
I have no tact and little time for porn. So I just kept saying the wrong thing.
"God... you really looked thin then... How much fake tan are you wearing? Is that chair from Ikea - you know I bet it is... Bless, you're pinching your own nipple... Look at your cock - it's gone quite purple... Oh yes, who could forget that noise? ... Ooh, you've splashed that bowl of fake fruit."
That we still had sex after that is more down to his generosity than my charm.

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