Saturday, June 02, 2007

The forbidden taste of swan

"Awkward" is four o clock in the morning in a studio flat in Swiss Cottage. The taxi isn't turning up. Everyone has gone home. The host is asleep wrapped around his boyfriend. Curled up on the minute sofa bed is the prettiest snoring man i've ever seen, with his even prettier ballet dancer boyfriend.

I get up out of the chair. It's time to walk home. The ballet dancer stirs and looks at me. It's quite a look. I'd like to say that I thought "I can't possibly. I mean, how can we? On a sofa bed that small? Next to your boyfriend?"

But I didn't think any of those things. As I said, it was quite a look.


Brian Sibley said...

Like all classically trained ballet dancers, I'm sure he went straight into the First Position!

Skip said...

The last ballet dancer I dated (swedish, bulimic etc) turned out to be able to do the splits.

Nicholas said...

never mind the size of the bed! life is too short to waste opportunities!