Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Even my sex life is middle-class

So, I whiled away Bank Holiday Monday in a local Italian. He was rather charming, and at some point I got around to asking his name and what he did for a living.

It turned out he was a costume designer in the theatre. As he described the painstaking, passionate nature of his work I got the oddest sense of familiarity.

"Haven't I heard you on the radio?" I asked.

"Why yes! Everyone says this - it was Midweek with Libby Purves."

"Oh my god! Of course!" I gasped, "Tell me - What's Libby really like? I'm so excited!"

He glanced down. "Clearly."

Oh Libby, I'm so sorry.


Chris said...


I really must stop listening to so much Radio 4. I actually care about Siobhan carking it...

Skip said...

oh for goodness sake. the sooner the breathy cow is out of it, the better!