Friday, May 25, 2007

Too old for it.

Went out with the fabulous Lee last night. We haven't been out for ages. They'd turfed over Trafalgar Square so we went down for a look (weird, oddly creepy, but rather lovely and full of bright young things picnicing).

After that, we went out for a sneer at all things gay. I've not done Gay Soho properly for ages, and we were delighted at the chance to try out "Profile", the Gaydar gaybar. We lasted less than a minute. It was full of pretty people with no personal space, and the music was so loud that people were just nodding at each other and smiling.

Lee and I tried just nodding and smiling at each other, but Lee doesn't smile. So we left.


James said...

Hmmm, I'm fairly sure that you and Lee are at least moderately different people, James ;)

Brian Sibley said...

Are you being weird (or weirder than usual)? Or are you really Lee ('fabulous Lee' currently links to YOUR blog) and are you now leaving comments on your own blog...?

It must be those shoes again... Time to go back to the shoe shop, I think!

james said...

oh. that. clearly not checking my typing.

PENNY said...


Skip said...

change the case on your keyboard, my dear.