Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How did Lord Browne meet his lover?

Who would have thought that where you met your boyfriend would be a career-limiting move?

Poor Lord Browne, resigning after his no-good love rat ex-boyf tells all to the tabloids. The reason he goes? Lord Browne falsely claimed to have met Jeff Chevalier "while exercising in Battersea Park".

Ladies and ladies, we're at the birth of a great new gay euphemisim. A catch-all answer for introducing your new partner to friends without having to explain the horrid truth that you met him at GAY/ accidentally fell on his cock at a meth orgy / won him on ebay.

It's also a brilliant euphemism for a spot of cruising in the bushes. Which can't be what Lord Browne meant at all. I mean, no matter how awkward the truth, you wouldn't come up with that as a white lie. It's like turning up late for a meeting and saying "Sorry I'm late, I was trying on ladies knickers."


Brian Sibley said...

Unless, of course, he WAS trying on ladies knickers at the time - in which case it WAS a better excuse!

Lippy said...

"Won him on ebay" - Do you remember Blind date? Well it originated in Australia, and many years ago when it first began I was working there in a boys boarding school ( go on die of jealousy - I digress) The first time Blind Date showed, one of the kids ran from the tv lounge into the staff common room excitedly yelling, "Miss, miss , you have to come and see this, they are RAFFLING WOMEN!" - supply your own accent.

Skip said...

Well quite - to both of you.

Lippy, I'm obviously not dying of jealousy. Cos that would be pederasty. And wrong. But basically, you lived surrounded by athletic ozzie youth. Fine.

Anyway, the more photos I see of that Jeff Chevalier, the more I think:
a) Porn name
b) Gay face