Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Brainwashing is a Crime!"

Brilliant Panorama about Scientology, in which a slightly baffled BBC Journalist ends up pretty much the subject of his own programme, as the Scientologists alternatively love-bomb and disconnect him, follow him around, interrupt interviews, and follow him to the toilet with their own cameracrew. To the extent that he loses it.

Now, the clip of John Sweeney losing it is interesting. The Scientologists publish their own version of it on YouTube, placed within their context:

The full version in the programme, which I encourage you to watch, makes much more sense, as the poor man asks for a moment's peace in the ghoulish museum of death and instead receives yet another needling from the Church's Cruise-a-like spooksman.

It would be nice to embed the BBC's version. The BBC has posted it to YouTube, but disabled embedding. Which means that you can't, for example post the two versions side-by-side. And, as it's the soundbite that people will remember, it's a shame that the Church of Scientology comes across smarter at using t'internet than the world's biggest broadcaster.

PS1: The Cruise-a-like's response to John screaming is bizarre. Completely unfazed, he just mantras "Brainwashing is a crime". Has he had training in this?

PS2: Cycled past the Scientology HQ the other day. There was a total gaylord skipping nimbly around trying to recruit people for a stress test. I was trying to work out if it was a cunning double-bluff.

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