Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I pop off to visit my parents. Their motorhome is parked on Cheltenham Racecourse, so I book into a 15th Century Manor House. It's cheap, charming, and I'm staying in a turret a good 100 winding steps up.

These things are good. Even better, the hotel is hosting a 21st birthday party with a superhero theme, so I get to watch braying young posh boys in spandex wandering around.

Cheltenham's gay scene is rubbish (a tiny disco room), so it's a weekend of reading Miss Marple and drinking scotch. What could possibly go wrong?


Later, I'm in my taxi into town. "Lovely place mate," says the driver, "But you're well out of it!"

"Why's that?" I ask.

"It's haunted. Everyone who stays there says so."

"Oh. I'm staying there."

The taxi driver doesn't even blink. "It's a friendly ghost, i've heard. Yeah."


stuart said...

Whatever you do, dont tell Yvette Fielding, or she will be straight down there investigating! - 'If there is anyone there, please make a sound!' - silly cow!

Nicholas said...

Enjoy the book and booze. Maybe one of the boys in spandex will join you!

Nick said...

Anything to put the willies up you...

Anonymous said...

Wow - you have a Wikipedia entry!!!!

I can dine off that story.

Theatre award? I'd have known about that if you had facebook. Well done :-)

When you back in London?