Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My hard drive

I remember being banned from the Uni IT lab when our student magazine was caught plugging in an external hard drive illicitly.

The IT librarian stared at the thing in horror. "It may have a 60 megabyte storage capacity, but that's just the problem - there could be anything on there."

But that SyQuest drive was a lifesaver. Even though it was the size of a small dog, and had an unfortunate habit of losing all information if shaken slightly (oh, the agony of losing an entire issue by cycling over the speed bumps on Walton St).

And after that was the joy of working with ZipDrives. Wow - almost 200 Meg on a cartridge. What wonders.

And then, last year the wonder of Zen. 30 gig for £200 quid - all the music and video I could imagine.

Finally, today I take delivery of my 320 gig harddrive. It's the size of a novel and cost £50. And it just sits there shrieking "I'm enormous! You can't fill me - you are tiny!"


FireFawkes said...

With porn obviously!

Skip said...

Porn? meh. From what i've seen it's all about unreal people having more fun than you. What's the appeal in that?

I mean, there's an obvious joy in "oh, he's pretty", and some fun from criticising the bad hotel furniture, but...