Sunday, June 10, 2007

Random Text Messages

I really must give out my number less. The other day I got the following string of texts from a number I don't recognise. All in about an hour, while I was doing something else.

#1: Hi!

#2: Ur sexy!

#3: ru gay?!?

Me: Hello. Who are you?

#4: Who are you???

#5: Can you keep secrets?

#6: How old r u?

#7: All i wana no is how old ur, whether u got bf or gf and are u up for some fun?

Me: Hello? What?

#8: Sorry i bein impatient but i would like to talk to u.

#9: You tell me about u and i will tell u bout me. Will prob disappoint u, but oh well lol.

#10: Please text me.

Me: Hi – look, i'm out with friends and a bit busy. Can we sort this out tomorrow? PS: Who are you?

#11: Rite... Ru interested in havin a bit of private fun wit boy? Yes or no?

#12: Hi... so do u wanna have some fun?

#13: I think we'll be printing the A5 flyers. Love you!

Actually, the last message was from my friend Rick. I haven't heard from my mystery number since, so I guess I'll never know if it was the squaddie or the ballet dancer.


Sarah said...

I suspect they were probably all from rick. It's the txtspk that gives it away.

Skip said...

"private fun wit boy" - take note, Barrymore.