Wednesday, July 25, 2007


You may think Central London has escaped the flooding, but no. I installed a flush-saving hippo in my cistern. It trapped my ballcock last night, and spent a happy few hours flushing away, flooding the entire landing.

I am trying to be better with the environment, but suspect I'm rubbish. I gaily recycled TetraPaks for years, in the hopes that it would make someone invent a way of dealing with them.

Meanwhile, it was the preview of my Edinburgh show last night. It went down very well to a packed crowd. Even if we didn't quite get all the right words in the right order.

I was completely out of it, however, as I had a migraine. It meant i've spent most of the last few days:
a) in pain
b) in bed
c) watching Deep Space 9.

All I have to report in terms of cultural discovery is that Deep Space 9 hasn't aged well, and has the worst incidental music of all time. But take enough yellow migraleve and the Ferengi become quite charming.

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