Saturday, July 07, 2007

Two Years On

It's the Somerstown Festival Of Cultures, which this year fell on the anniversary of 7/7/. So we had more police than usual in our little community around the corner from Tavistock Square.

It's a curious festival - there are displays of Irish Dancing, a helter skelter, lots of mums selling knockout India food, and most brilliantly of all, a lot of young men wearing only shorts and a bulldog.

The police were everywhere. There was a bizarre moment when the hip hoppers took over the football court and were ringed by police... who all stood there, tapping their feet and grinning in a curious "you know sarge, these tunes are phat after all..." way.

The only trouble was from a topless white youth with scars. Who demanded that the police arrest him so loudly that eventually they took him to the playground and quietly asked him if he was allright.

The new camera on this mobile phone lacks zoom. So photos are shit. But the event was lovely. And allowed a nice break from stripping the paint off my front door:

1 am: I'm sat up reading, and I can hear a couple of girls sat in the playground giggling and drinking a little. A car pulls up.

MAN IN CAR: Would you touch it for a tenner?
GIRL: What?
MAN IN CAR: A tenner if you touch it.
GIRL: No waaaaay!
MAN IN CAR: What about if you just watch?
GIRL: No! Vile! Eurgh! (Her friends laugh)
MAN IN CAR: Oh. I'm so sorry. I've got this wrong. I'm so sorry. Good evening.

And he drives off. And they laugh. And I'm thinking a tenner?

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