Monday, January 21, 2008


It's a lacklustre time of year. I suddenly realised the highlight of Sunday afternoon was going to be returning a non-Vista-compliant peripheral.

Sadly, after
  • Two young lawyers
  • One thrillingly inexperienced bisexual called Jake
  • And a muscly Columbian

I was still vaguely bored. *sighs* Perhaps i should re-read Jane Austen or something.


Hugh said...

erm, which one was the non compliant one then, from that list ;)

Skip said...

oh, most of them were backwards-compatible.

Perry Neeham said...

I tend to go for Xtube rather than Jane Austin when I'm bored, more chance of recognising someone I know.

Lippy said...

I hate to think what the hourly rate was for TWO young London lawyers , I just hope they weren't from mergers and aquisitions!

Perry Neeham said...

The question is, did they exchange their briefs? fnarr, fnarr.