Friday, March 21, 2008

Am I doomed?

I'm worried. My job is great, my flat is lovely, I appear to have been in a functioning relationship for several weeks now.

As if that wasn't enough, Argos has a wicked Lego sale (new castle! AT-AT! Joy!), and (gasp!) Alcazar have reformed.

This is mildly worrying. Am I going to look back on this in a fortnight and go "oh, if only you knew..."


Lippy said...

Yes, I can just hear you saying "if only I'd known how much I would enjoy looking back on such a great time I would not have wasted 1 second of it worrying and would just have had fun!"

Skip said...

yeah - but i've seen enough television to know what happens next. am hoping it's more Boston Legal than Casualty.

Lippy said...

I have lots of prying questions, naturally,e.g. What sort of law does he do? Is he any good? Which firm? Is he a partner yet? Did he make partner before 5 years qualified (kind of hoping not, because that makes him less of a whiz than me and I'm a sad old lady!) etc etc etc. And that's only the begining of the four pages of cross examination that I've got roughed out here!

Skip said...

I can't give you too many details (he's in the closet, professionally). He is currently prosecuting a giant budgie. He is top of his field. But then, the giant budgie field is probably more of a meadow.