Thursday, May 29, 2008

Emails you can't remember you signed up for

I can't remember when I signed up for Popbitch. I know I signed up for The Drudge Report in the 1990s and haven't read it since. But clearly, at some point, I somehow got onto the mailing list for orgies in Birmingham.

Quite apart from the hilarity of imagining an orgy in Birmingham, it does mean I occasionally get the most startling emails from a "Mr Sword". His latest begins:

"Hi lads, next fuck party will be Saturday 28th. June, 9pm start. (NO CAMERAS

My tiny head is wondering about this. Do you think it's a prompt 9pm start, or kind of a 9 for 9.30 thing? Do people just get right on down, or is there Wotsits, Pinot Grigio and admiring small talk about cock rings first?

PS: Two days later and I still smell of kerosene. There has been the occasional office comment "Are you wearing a new... er, perfume?"

1 comment:

Commander Primate said...

9 o'clock does seem somehow early. Do you think they're trying to finish in time to catch last orders at the pub?