Monday, May 19, 2008

An unromantic weekend

So, he's supposed to turn up on Friday. I've rearranged babysitting to see him. He doesn't turn up.

Not a peep from the Lawyer until the next day. "Sorry didn't have phone. See you Sunday?"

This is a problem. Sunday is when I moved my babysitting duties to. It's not really babysitting. It's just watching EastEnders with Gemma and Serge and their frighteningly bright toddler.

Not a squeak more from him. I feel vaguely miserable. Suddenly, on Sunday evening he texts. "You okay? Wish I was with you. Where are you?"

I text back "Standing round a trampoline signing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

Over the course of the weekend, my feelings shift from "upset" to "not that bothered."

1 comment:

Hugh said...

"Sorry didn't have phone", thats akin to saying the Pope has become protestant.

clearly he hasn't got a voice either, if he feels he has to text....