Saturday, May 24, 2008

Switching off my boyfriend and doing someone less boring instead

So, by the end of the week, I'm single without really noticing, and have finally finished a draft of The Book.

And so, I'm sitting there, staring at the magic words "THE END" on my laptop. And I'm thinking "well, what do I do now?"

So, I log back into a Gentleman's Ordering Service, and an hour later, I'm turning up on the doorstep of a Town Planning Student in Camden.

He's actually all right in the flesh. Okay, he's wearing glasses that I hope will come off soon and fluffy slippers from a nightmare. But he's got a great laugh and makes a strong vodka tonic.

As he hands me my drink, the doorbell goes.

"Oh," he says. "That's a friend from my course. He asked if he could join us."

His friend walks in. He is stunning. He smiles. He kisses me.

I decide I like being single.

1 comment:

Perry Neeham said...

Monogamy is like communism: it only works if people are perfect.

Oh, and both are very, very, dull.