Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cat update

Took cat down to the country while I went away on holiday. Partly to give cat a bit of proper hunting, partly to get away from Temporary Straight Flatmate. And then I left her in my parents' capable hands. It's been worryingly successful. She's won a cat fight, killed a bird, and convinced my folks to install a cat flap.

I checked in by phone:

Mum: "Well, she can open the fridge."
Me: "No... Oh god."
Mum: "No, she doesn't thieve anything. She just lifts out her tin of tuna from the shelf it's on and moves it next to her bowl, closes the door and then comes and tells me that she's now ready for her tuna, please."
Me: "..."
Mum: "I am not a silly old woman. She's done it the last three days in a row."


Hugh said...

it's your parent way of telling you, that they take drugs... i hope

otherwise you're going to have to get one of them fridge locks

Skip said...

i shall buy her a tin opener. and wait.

Hugh said...

I suggest you get a video camera - you could make some money out of this