Friday, February 06, 2009

Of Danger Gays

I was reminded this week of Danger Gays. They split into two varieties:

1) TMTF (Too Mad To Fuck)
2) TMTFMTO (Too Mad To Fuck More Than Once)

Danger Gays partly came up this week. I met up with a sort-of friend for a sort-of date, only, "Sorry, it's just I met the oddest guy last weekend and... I don't know if I can ever... He was just so... and yet really... and... Well, he tore off my clothes, laughed at my London Underground boxer shorts, slapped me, and then made me feel like the most beautiful man in the world."

I stared at sort-of friend for a bit. "As far as Mile End," he said.

"Oh," I said. And then we realised he'd just met his first Danger Gay.

The most classic Danger Gay I've ever met I've only really known from a distance. Let's call him Marcus, who I met once at a party through a friend of a friend. Tall, lumpy, and hair that has its own insurance policy.

And then, suddenly, six months later, I see him at a club hanging off the shoulder of another friend. "My god!" I exclaimed, "It's Marcus. I had no idea he was going out with John."

"Neither did I," said John's best friend quietly, "I rather thought Marcus was going out with me."

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Hugh said...

I think you should increase the distance that you know Marcus.