Saturday, February 14, 2009

The disadvantage of working from home

Is the students. There's something so seductive about bunking off for an afternoon to see a drama student in Sidcup. And, at my age, there's something flattering about diddling someone in their early 20s. And then I saw the following newspaper front page:

And I realised. Oh yes. Actually now old enough to be their father. So I'd better put a stop to that.

I have also seen a couple of well-preserved men in their 40s. Not only do they have nicer flats, but it also raises the average age quite neatly.


Darren said...

Dear God - not one of the things from the dance school there? They mince out looking preened and vapid and like they're hoping it doesn't rain in case either they, or at least their face, melts - shame on you!

Skip said...

Do you know, it might me. Some kind of school of performing arts. His door had a "DIVA IN TRAINING" sticker on it. Bad thing? On balance, probably.

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