Monday, February 02, 2009

Sport Billy

Truly, I'd forgotten all about this. But thank you You Tube for bringing back to mind the phrase "omni-sac". I bought a Ladybird Spinoff book when I was young and remember being disappointed that it didn't follow series continuity (it didn't include the dog). It was a clear and worrying sign.

PS: Snooooooow!


Adam said...

Ah, the old TV with it's red, green & blue dots that lingered when you switched it off. We just called it his magic ballbag - at the time, with no hint of innuendo :)

Skip said...

You see? You see?

Meanwhile, discovered that PG Wodehouse used the phrase "He-Man" in 1966. I have the power, Jeeves.

jonesy said...

So.... a boy who has a magical handbag & likes playing football in (short) football shorts. My lifestyle choices should not be any great surprise.