Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Day After The Snow

London is a bit sullen and hungover. Yesterday was a giddy carnival of unleashed youth and hyperactive bankers/accountants/media-darlings skipping rampant in Regents Park.

Today is a day when the world gingerly skates across lethal streets and the shops seem curiously empty of Ribena and Jaffa Cakes.

Meanwhile, Scotland and Wales have got the snow a day after us. And by all accounts, it's better and deeper and fluffier... and yet, strangely under-reported. London-centric news agenda? Surely not.


Hugh said...

Nope, we (Scotland) had snow at the same time as "Britain" sorry i mean London & the South East did. Its all gone now here, and has been replaced by ice.

I did like the Guardian heading "The day the snow came - and Britain stopped" I didn't notice Glasgow's roads or Transport system grind to a halt - clearly I'm living in a parallel Britain

Though, despite what the Daily Mail will have people believe, in comparison to the usual snowfall in places like Canada etc etc to what usually turns up in the South of Britain, even places used and prepared for snow would have ground to a halt if that proportion of snow turned up overnight

Skip said...

Apparently we're now shipping in snow from abroad... but how will we unload it or transport it if the roads aren't gritted? Oh, my dizzy head.