Friday, January 30, 2009

Filling airtime

So, you're a harrassed researcher on a Radio Four current affairs programme (You and Yawns). Goodness me, you think, I've got to fill five minutes, what's left to steal from last week's Holy Moly and Popbitch?

So, you slap together an article based on their story about an amusing letter complaining to Richard Branson about the food on Virgin. Job done.

Unfortunately, you've forgotten to do two things.
1) Check the source of the email
2) Check your inbox

If you had, you'd have discovered that, in the latest Holy Moly, Popbitch's email is revealed as a fake concocted by a PR firm to generate good publicity for Virgin. Uh oh.

PS: The next item on You and Yours was Greg Dyke talking about how the BBC was the last source of decent independent journalism. Or five minutes of free publicity for Virgin.


Hugh said...


Though i never even knew that Virgin Atlantic flew to India, its not exactly what you'd call "near" the Atlantic

Treasurebum said...

Are you sure it's fake?