Sunday, January 25, 2009

I know that face!

Curious story about a New York cop turned Reality TV star being fined after his gay porn past came out.

But the most interesting line is an aside:
Last year a 22-year-old was fired from a branch of sandwich chain Subway after a customer recognised him from his gay porn work and complained.

Can you imagine the complaint? Bet it bogglingly managed to include the word "disgusting". Sure, cos you'd like to have sex with him but not have him make your sandwiches. Mind you, it takes three times longer to assemble a sarnie in Subway than the average act of intercourse. Fact.


Matt said...

I clicked the link, I read the story but was somewhat surprised by the advert for "The Secret of Moon Acre" below it... I thought that was the movie he'd starred in for a brief while

Skip said...

I hardly think his moon acre is a secret any more.

Skip said...

oh, and from the comments section on the article: "Sadly bottoms get less respect in the streets, no matter how tough they are in real life."