Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DoomWatch: The Anti-Smoking Episode

And just one week after the entire cast managed to destroy NASA while chain-smoking along comes the Cigarettes Are Bad episode.

Suddenly, the entire cast have given up smoking. Have never smoked, in fact. It's all about how the secretary Dolly Bird (real name seemingly Pat Honeybush OMG LOL ROFL) takes up smoking again after eating a chocolate. "Funny, I've not smoked for five years," she says. But! We! Saw! You! Last! Episode!

It turns out there's an evil marketing campaign that turns women on to smoking by giving them free chocolates laced with a psychotropic drug - because only women are Impressionable Enough to fall for both a) smoking and b) chocolate. Subliminal advertising does not work on men because they are men and Sensible wear Kipper Ties and Lemon Shirts and Do All The Work.

We see Dolly Bird become iller and iller as she eats more chocolate and chain smokes (but wearing an ECG, so it's in the name of science) until she ends up in hospital because, shock! horror! the psychotropic drug has reacted with her slimming pills.

Soon, the hospitals of London are full of dying totty. Can DoomWatch save them through experiments on pigeons (the only creatures almost as susceptible as women)?

I love this show.

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