Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, 2008 was a bit of a shit of a year, wasn't it? Here's hoping 2009 will be a bit... less... interesting.

There's been lots of good news, some really fun projects, and a few startling moments. But it's also been a year that I'll remember for quite a few moments of darkly interesting horror (I'm looking at you, June the 9th), and the slightly schmaltzy realisation that my friends are brilliant and very kind (even Lee).

Curiously, for the next three months I shall be listing my profession as "writer". Which is a bit of a surprise. But not for any reason other than that I don't currently have another job, and heap loads of fun writing to do. Rar!

Of course, come March, I'll either have got another job, or the world will have financially melted down and I'll be swiping your eight-items-or-less at Tescaux.

In other news, middle-age is fast approaching. Not only is my hair graying, but I nearly brought a slow-cooker in the sales.

Anyway, pip! pip! and have a marvellous 2009.


Lippy said...

On the good side for me, and the not so good side for you the job free state means you will potentially free for luncheon!

Rar indeed.

Skip said...

God yes - many, many lunches please ma'am.

electricshame said...

What happened on the 9th of June?