Tuesday, January 27, 2009


oh it's so horrible. Two episodes into the final ten and I feel like I've been dumped while watching my lego burn.

Yes, everyone hates each other, yes, we finally know The Final Cylon, yes, it's gripping, but oh!my!god! the hair.

If ever a drama series expressed its tormented soul through bad hair days, it's Galactica. It's quite something when the President's bald cap isn't the worst barnet on show - from Apollo's leonine i-went-to-mr-topper-six-weeks-ago look, Starbuck's home-dye job, through to Baltar's close-cropped disaster (he now looks *exactly* like someone I dated who entered a seminary). We even waved goodbye to dramatically-rescued Lucy Lawless Cyclon who was last seen staring out to sea, fiddling with her split ends.

This folicular misery has persisted for two episodes now - and with barely a glimpse of Tricia Helfer Cylon, I'm afraid we're due for a dramatic unveiling of her New Look. It had better be a bun.


Orchis said...

Apparently, according to Amazon, you're gestating ! I'm slightly worried about the effect all this exposure to 'Doomwatch' might be having on the developing foetus.

Skip said...

Am I? I'm still waiting to see if it's been announced or not.

Honestly, I promise to leave the flat soon, once I've finished all this work.

Plus, there's a new gay bar just round the corner. I have stories.